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Air Cooler With Ice Pack

This Air Cooler With ice pack is top-grade for shoppers chilly days or nights, With its remote control ice pack, you can keep your home humidified and energy-saving indoor Air Cooler With ice pack.

Air Cooler Ice Packs

The sharper image Air Cooler renders been designed With your daily mods power and cold weather in mind, the breeze blast personal Air Cooler allows you to regulate your psi power while keeping the essentials like coolness and humidity within reason. With the included 3 blast pack ice packs, you can continue to enjoy your windex-clear Air Cooler while keeping your temperature under control, the breeze blast personal Air Cooler is a practical alternative to keep your Air conditioning running all winter. This Air Cooler offers 3 blast pack that will help to keep your home comfortable the whole winter, With the ice pack on top, you'll be cool to the touch all winter. This sharper image breeze blast personal Air Cooler offers 3 blast pack ice packs 31343, it is outstanding for Cooler weathers and comes With a built in ice pack that helps keep your Air cool. This cool unit is unrivalled for today's hot weather, this whirlpool Air Cooler grants an ice pack for protection and is fitted With a remote to control operations. This Air Cooler is fitted With 155 cfm which means it can handle cold temperatures, the Air Cooler offers a power on/off switch, a front light and a factors control. The Air Cooler also renders a cool to touch surface and series name tag.