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Cat Mate C500 Ice Packs

The Cat Mate C500 ice packs is an exceptional choice to keep your Cat warm and warmly eat, it provides an automatic pet feeder and timer that makes it effortless to keep track of the meal time. The 5 meal wice packs is enough for two people and the automatic timer keeps the pack ticking, the Cat loves the smell of Cat food and so does the dog; so that's why Cat Mate C500 5 meal pack comes with a built in smell veto.

Cat Mate C500 Ice Pack

The Cat Mate C500 ice pack is a high-quality and durable pack that will help provide comfort and warmth to your cat, the pack includes a variety of pockets and compartments to store food, toys, and other essentials. Additionally, the C500 ice pack is manufactured from durable materials and grants a quick-drying design, the Cat ice pack is a first-rate solution for individuals cold winter days. With it insulation and heat resistant fabric, the Cat ice pack is designed to keep you warm and comfortable, with its patented breathable design, the Cat ice pack is outstanding for cats who are wanting for an easygoing environment. The Cat Mate C500 ice pack is a replacement for the Cat Mate C500 auto feeder, it is produced of durable plastic and extends a backlight that makes it straightforward to see. It is available in two sizes, small and large, the Cat Mate C500 auto feeder extends been designed for the Cat lover in you. But in case that scouring for an also for your pet to eat from the moment they start walking, then the Cat Mate C500 auto feeder replacement ice pack is for you! This is a top-notch choice for lovers who itch to make sure their Cat takes in all of their food and does not get sick.