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Cryopak Ice Packs

This amazing ice pack is top-rated for keeping your food cold all day long! It comes with a cooler ice pack that can be used as an ice pack or as a cooler for your food, the unique structure ensures that your food always cold and the unique design makes it a top surrogate for a lunch or dinner party.

Cryopak Ice Packs Ebay

This is a reusable ice pack that can be used for lunch or as a cooler for food, it presents a cool to the touch gel texture and is produced of durable materials. It can hold up to 2 hours of ice storage life, the flexible ice blanket is sterling for your lunch bag or cooler. This blanket can be used in either direction, so your cooler always protected, the ice is conjointly versatile - can be used for just-in-timeipackability, or in your personal cooler. This 16, 5 x 11. 66-inch 3 pack of flexible ice blanket ice packs is sterling for individuals who ache to keep their ice pack temperature warm, the ice packs are in a simple black box with text. These ice packs come with an ability to control how cold your ice pack temperature wishes, the ice packs can be set to chill to stay at a certain temperature or to keep the temperature. This 8 x ice pak is a top freezing product for the fridge or to freeze in the morning or evening, it grants a cool to touch feeling to it and a zippered pocket inside that includes a tongue depressor. The pack can hold up to 12 of these in a single package, the gel is comfortable to wear and comes with a cool pack radius. It's an outstanding lunch or warming up product and is furthermore first-rate for the classroom.