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Head Wrap Ice Pack

This cool and cozy ice pack is a fantastic solution for keeping you comfortable when the weather is hot, the wrap-around cooler bandana and headband make it facile to do your shopping in the comfort of your home, and the headband ensures a warm and comfortable experience.

Face Ice Pack Wrap

This wraps around the entire body to where you need support, it imparts a tough but flexible nature that is designed to last. It offers some of the most unique and innovative technologies available today, the ice pack is designed to ta the arris Head Wrap is an unique, heat-wicking Wrap designed to support and protect your Head and face. It is first-rate for hot cold therapy treatments, and helps to keep you feeling well-sustenance, the Head Wrap also features a tmj- hot cold therapy wrap, for added support. This soft, breathable, and comfortable Head Wrap is for folks who have trouble turning to ice when they're needed and those who desiderate to keep their face and neck warm and comfortable, the Head Wrap is best-in-the-class for admirers who itch to play, work, or watch a movie. The knee is an unique, homemade heat pack that treatments injured areas on the knee, the heat pack is designed to adopt as a cold therapy treatment for injuries and first aid injuries. The heat pack is used to assess and treat injured areas on the body, the heat pack is in like manner used to assess and treat injuries that may be caused by cold weather conditions.