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Ice Pack Pillow

This cool, cool Pillow is fabricated of silk fabric that cools down and creates heat loss when you are bedded down, it is a valuable amount of cool and combining the cool and wet properties of water and ice, this Pillow maintains a cool environment in the room. The foam memory foam wakes up and feels restarted after use, this Pillow peerless for a relaxing bed package including a drink or two.

Pillow With Ice Pack

This Pillow with ice pack is fabricated of soft microfiber what gives it a cool and Pillow rating, it provides 20 x 54 inch size which is splendid for any size room. The case is furthermore made of 100% organic cotton and offers a soft microfiber surface, the Pillow is furthermore made of durable memory foam matt fabric. The core products ice pack Pillow is top-of-the-line for admirers with headache and migraine problems, it renders a cold pack design to ensure you of the symptoms and tension. Additionally, the Pillow imparts a small size so it can fit in any room, this Pillow is splendid for enthusiasts with a headache or migraine problem who ache to feel relieved. The core products ice pack Pillow is additionally unequaled for admirers who are tension related, as it imparts a small amount of pressure to help relieve tension, our nestl coolest Pillow is an 2 pack of the enjoy bed's most luxurious and warmest pillow. It comes with our moisturizing scarf to keep you comfortable, heat and moisture reducing ice silk washable- queen -2 pack, this Pillow is best-in-the-class for any bed size 5 x5 or bigger. This cool, refreshing ice pack Pillow is a splendid solution for pain in the face, relief from headache, and chillow pillow, the pain relief from this Pillow is incredible and it definitely helps relieve a lot of your stress. The gel dashes on this Pillow make it straightforward to operate and it comes in a handy tin which is excellent for storage.