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Medela Ice Pack For Breast Milk Storage

Looking For a surrogate to keep your Milk in your water bottle and avoid over-storage? Search no more than the Medela icepack! This pack comes with a special technology to keep your Milk in the bottle For up to 3 months, ensuring that you can finally wean your baby off of breastfeeding.

Best Medela Ice Pack For Breast Milk Storage

The Medela ice pack For breastmilk Storage is a convenient surrogate to keep your Breast Milk safe and secure, this pack includes a sturdy design For base and top, so you can store your Milk easily. The pack also includes a temperature-control system to keep your Milk at all times convenient, the Medela Breast Milk ice pack temperature controlled Breast Milk Storage is sensational For keeping your Milk cold so you can store it safe. This pack comes with a temperature control to help keep your Milk at a consistent temperature so you can easily access it when you need it most, the Medela ice packs are designed to store and transport your Breast Milk so you can continue to drink it without having to worry about running out. The ice packs are high quality and highly versatile and can be used For both men and women alike to keep your Milk safe and organized, the Medela ice pack For Breast Milk Storage is designed to tailor Breast Milk bottles. It is manufactured of durable plastic and is produced to protect your Milk while you're away from home, this pack also includes a money-saving feature so you can buy many of it at once, making it effortless to store your milk.