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Salad Container With Ice Pack

Looking for a cool, refreshing Salad at lunch? Weigh up our cooler salads With built-in ice pack! These containers are first-rate for any shape or size salad, and they come With bowl and ice pack options for a little bit of warmth, plus, they look cool and modern as part of your overall Salad look.

Salad Container With Ice Pack Amazon

This square Salad Container With ice pack is an unequaled surrogate to keep your Salad scouring healthy and fresh, it's best-in-class for lunch and extends a delicious flavor that will keep you coming back for more. This is an 5 cup Salad Container With ice pack that is first-class for carrying your Salad food over lunch, the Salad Container grants a reusable lid that makes it straightforward to take With you on the go. The Container as well made With a cold pack system that ensures your Salad is frozen safe for lunch, this 7 x7 x5 kit is top for the health-conscious individual who wants to take their Salad experience to the next level. This kit contains: 7 x7 x5 bpa free pieces of salad, which are designed to keep Salad containers cold for a longer period of time; 6 x6 x5 ml water droplets; and 4 x4 x5 g grove on handles, the kit also includes Container With ice pack, which is a top way to protect your Salad Container from prying eyes. This set includes 2 Salad containers - one With a green ice pack and one With a blue ice pack, it is good for individuals With Salad greens and other cooked food. The blue Container offers a place to store the Salad greens and the green Container contains the ice pack for protection.