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Soft Touch Ice Packs

Soft Touch ice packs are sterling solution for lovers who are injured and need ice but don't want to take the risk of buying individual cold packs, Soft Touch ice packs include 2 counts of reusable ice packs that can be easily packed and taken with you. Plus, the Soft Touch design means that you'll never have to other cold compress.

Thrive Ice Pack

The thrive ice pack is a reusable ice pack that comes in three different colors to match your office or home design, the ice pack is Soft to the Touch and comes with an 49 inch Soft Touch gel pack that is unrivalled for hot or cold weather. Soft Touch ice packs are valuable solution for injured people, they are comfortable and provide a first-class amount of compression to relieve pain and relief. The 2 pk Soft Touch ice packs is excellent for grier, and other sustainably produced ice packs, it comes in an 2 pack bags. Our Soft Touch ice packs are unequaled solution for cold compressions 2-pack large, these packs are reusable and comfortable to wear, making them excellent for everyday use. The ice packs are fantastic for folks with colds or colds aga's, this product also comes with an 2-pack of comfy Soft Touch ice packs. This Soft Touch ice packs is first-class for cats who appreciate to feel Soft and warm on cold days, the ice cream-shaped catnip and 3 d plush cat kitty are top for cats who desire to play and are need some warmth and softness on cold days. This pack also comes with a Soft Touch ice cream kinect device that responds to movement and is practical for cats who need to get some warmth and comfort.